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A Cheap Trip

Cheap Trip Tip #2: If you do pay, make the most of it

Self doubt, self care and pushing past presumptions

Our hotel side entrance ABQ, NM: Photo by author
Our room in ABQ, NM: Photo by author


The main point of booking a hotel when you are trying to travel cheap is either when there is no place to camp, or you are emotionally and mentally so exhausted that you are thinking of quitting travel altogether. This is a good time to realize that you are probably exhausted and need to give yourself a little TLC if you are able.


Shower when you get to the hotel, as well as right before you leave. You never know when you will get a chance to shower again, so soak it up.

Free stuff on a cheap trip: Photo by author

Continental Breakfast

Sometimes it’s not anything exciting that you want to put in your mouth, but free coffee should never be passed up. There is also always a sort of nice camaraderie between the other guests staying the night and also looking for that free coffee.

Breakfast coffee at hotel in ABQ, NM: Photo by author

Soak up that Wifi

Charge all of your devices, and use that free hotel wifi to the max. Download the podcasts you want to listen to on the road and at the campsites where you won’t get service. Make all of the calls to family and friends, and make booking arrangements for travel for upcoming nights so that you don’t find yourself in as stressed of a place as we did when we booked this little hotel in Albuquerque.

Photo by author



Annie and I are packing our bags and hitting the road to explore the U.S. Since Summer 2021 seems like it’s going to be a big one for travel, we want to share our processes, thoughts and reflections on this giant piece of land.

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