A Cheap Trip
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A Cheap Trip

North American colonialism hatched here, why wouldn’t it still exist here? Photo by author

Liberal Coastal Elitism Advances the Right’s Agenda

Travel and Musings in Upstate New York

“Stop talking about the South. As long as you are South of the Canadian border, you are South.” — Malcolm X

If you use that quote in mainstream circles of liberal Northern states like New York, most will argue you. They need to believe they are “better” than the South. However, the US was “created” in the Northeast. Why would it be exempt from the original sins of our country, and our current sins now? It’s the basis of them.

Photo by author
Wedding prep on Skaneatlas Lake, NY: Photo by author
Garbage plates in upstate NY: Photo by author
Golf cart date: Photo by author
Anti-vax propaganda in New York: Photo by author
Photo by author
Deer without headlights: Photo by author



Annie and I are packing our bags and hitting the road to explore the U.S. Since Summer 2021 seems like it’s going to be a big one for travel, we want to share our processes, thoughts and reflections on this giant piece of land.

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