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A Cheap Trip

Road Weary Travelers

Tahoe City, Elko, Salt Lake City and Bryce Canyon

Tahoe Lake, California: Photo by author

We spent a beautiful night camping right on Lake Tahoe, and bathed in it before leaving. After traveling for almost a month, we were on the last leg of this trip. Someone taped an aggressive “Learn How To Drive” note on our car, which didn’t give a good impression of the west coast to most of the east coasters I was traveling with.




Annie and I are packing our bags and hitting the road to explore the U.S. Since Summer 2021 seems like it’s going to be a big one for travel, we want to share our processes, thoughts and reflections on this giant piece of land.

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Annie Windholz

Annie Windholz

midwestern librarian, writer, activist

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