Funny women

“We’re both writers and filmmakers.”
“We met at an acting class and we were both like, “Woah, you’re a pretty strong, confident, beautiful inside-and-out woman.”
“And we’re writing something right now that’s about that. It’s about two women building their careers but empowering each other and just about friendship being empowering and…”
“And it could sound cheesy but it’s not. Basically that idea that men can only talk about certain things. Like why can’t we be disgusting and sexy. Or why can’t a woman who’s pretty also be funny?”

I think most men never get to see the quirky side of women because they don’t think women have the capacity. On the contrary, the truth is most men don’t know how to act themselves around women for a woman to feel he is worth her funniness.

A companion essay to the Beautiful Army story: