A Barricade to Love…

“I want to measure the extent of your love,

to see how far it stretches.” — Cleopatra

“Then you would have to go beyond heaven,

beyond earth.” — Antony

— Quotes from Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra

Tell me what I must do,

coy as a schoolgirl,

you know by now,

life’s preciousness ticks down relentlessly.

A pile of baubles won’t satisfy,

nor a pied-a-terre in town,

pretending otherwise,

you are so much deeper.

Why hostility,

its source a mystery,

I engage at all times,

with curiosity and obvious affection.

You malign,

put me on my heels,

even knock down a peg,

to what end?

Is it fear that causes you to lash out,

no longer who you thought you were,

everything we ever wanted,

rarefied moments we never dreamed existed.

You fail to realize,

I have seen too much,

my love will not dissipate,

under the strongest pressures against.

Much better,

relent and give yourself freely,

come quickly,

the most expedient route to joy and pleasure.

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Image by Dennis Skley.


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