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Submission Guidelines

Because I love this photo so much. Thanks again to DHBogucki. Collage Credit Only: Tremaine L. Loadholt
  1. All work submitted must be original content written by you. No previously published work, and no duplicating published work published in A Cornered Gurl. What do I mean by the last bit? If you have submitted it to ACG for publishing and it has been published and I notice the content elsewhere on Medium or any of the other writing platforms I may visit, you will be notified and it will be pulled from ACG. Your personal blog or websites are excluded. 😊
  2. Any images used upon submission must credit the artist/creator/website, etc., where the creative content was found and must have a link directing us to that location via the grand web unless you are the source — just your name and description will do.
  3. Submissions are only accepted in draft form directly submitted to A Cornered Gurl once you have been added as a Writer.
  4. To be a Writer in ACG, private notes here on Medium must be activated as this is how I will communicate with you about your submitted draft. If I have contacted you regarding your draft over a span of three days with no response, the draft will be removed and submitted back to you. How do you become a Writer? Email me at acorneredgurl@gmail.com using “Please Add Me” as the subject line. Also, please include the link to your Medium profile for review in the body of the email.
  5. I will not publish content disrespectful in nature to anyone’s race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, social and/or financial economic status, or anything else I regard as insensitive rhetoric/discourse.
  6. All submissions must have 3 tags of your own choosing, but please leave two blank spaces for the other two tags which will be selected before publishing in A Cornered Gurl.
  7. Anyone being added to A Cornered Gurl will need to be at least eighteen years of age. (Effective, June 05, 2020)
  8. Finally: All content published in A Cornered Gurl will be free — there will be no locked/paywalled pieces here. This is a read-for-all environment and it will remain that way.

What is the theme?

A Cornered Gurl: Where Writers Break Out of the Box

What will I publish?

•Heartwork (to include fiction (1,200 words max), non-fiction (1,200 words max), & poetry) •Tales of the South •Micropoetry •Challenges

When will I publish content?

Mondays and Fridays by 7:00 pm, US ET/EDT. A total of 8-9 pieces will be published on those days.



We Want the REAL You. A Cornered Gurl is a space for writers to “come as they are” and truly be who they are.

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Tre L. Loadholt

I am more than breath & bones. I am nectar in waiting. “You write like a jagged, beautiful dream.” ©Martha Manning •https://acorneredgurl.com