A Cornered Gurl

Submission Guidelines

Because I love this photo so much. Thanks again to DHBogucki. Collage Credit Only: Tremaine L. Loadholt

Here, you will be encouraged to share your heart’s work, what you feel should be shared but have been afraid of doing so. Here, we will learn together. We will try many things that most will not and we will fail, flop, spring up, and lift off together. But, we cannot do it without a few ground rules. So here they are:

  1. All work submitted must be original content written by you. No previously published work, and no duplicating published work published in A Cornered Gurl. What do I mean by the last bit? If you have submitted it to ACG for publishing and it has been published and I notice the content elsewhere on Medium or any of the other writing platforms I may visit, you will be notified and it will be pulled from ACG. Your personal blog or websites are excluded. 😊
  2. Any images used upon submission must credit the artist/creator/website, etc., where the creative content was found and must have a link directing us to that location via the grand web unless you are the source — just your name and description will do.
  3. Submissions are only accepted in draft form directly submitted to A Cornered Gurl once you have been added as a Writer.
  4. To be a Writer in ACG, private notes here on Medium must be activated as this is how I will communicate with you about your submitted draft. If I have contacted you regarding your draft over a span of three days with no response, the draft will be removed and submitted back to you. How do you become a Writer? Email me at acorneredgurl@gmail.com using “Please Add Me” as the subject line.
  5. I will not publish content disrespectful in nature to anyone’s race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, social and/or financial economic status, or anything else I regard as insensitive rhetoric/discourse.
  6. All submissions must have 3 tags of your own choosing, but please leave two blank spaces for the other two tags which will be selected before publishing in A Cornered Gurl.
  7. Finally: All content published in A Cornered Gurl will be free — there will be no locked/paywalled pieces here. This is a read-for-all environment and it will remain that way.

What is the theme?

A Cornered Gurl: Where Writers Break Out of the Box

What will I publish?

•Heartwork (to include fiction, non-fiction, & poetry) •Tales of the South •Micropoetry •Challenges

When will I publish?

Mondays and Fridays by 7:00 pm, US EST (for starters: a total of 3–5 pieces published on each of those days.)

I am swimming at a pace most comfortable for me and if you are getting in the water alongside me, I ask for your patience. Any of you willing to take this ride and who are gearing up to do so, I thank you in advance.

2019, get ready!