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A Cornered Gurl


A Poem

Photo by Mark Wieder on Unsplash

Overlooked, like an ampersand
deftly connecting words
subtly not stealing the light
from the dog & pony show
that is this modern culture
Everyone wants a spotlight,
but we, the ampersands,
just want to be there
reaching our hands both ways,
creating the link between them
but how often we are forgotten

An afterthought, as if
these two words could go together
without our conduit nature
piss & vinegar
salt & pepper
Farrow & Ball
but only in a shade of beige
which is the color of the anonymous
or the one that becomes background
in a sea of spotlights shining
on all the people with their hands raised
and there we sit, like a pretzel,
waiting to be eaten

Lost inside the windswept words
of poetic verse and brash essayism
is the lonely creature, the ampersand
always holding hands, but never
getting the credit it deserves
The blue egg profile, but not on purpose
as this is all we were made for
connectivity & succession
to help the ebb & flow
aesthetics & minimalism
and this is why we are so much alike
us and the ampersand
backup singers & makeup artists
using our skills to make you better

© Jonathan Greene 2020

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Jonathan Greene

Jonathan Greene

Father, poet, writer, real estate investor/team leader, certified life coach, sociable introvert. Curating a meaningful life. IG: trustgreene | trustgreene.com