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Be Well. Be Safe. Be Here, Again.

ACG sends you well-wishes during this Thanksgiving holiday

If you celebrate the holiday, may it be a safe, peaceful, fun, and hearty one for you. If you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, I still offer the same well-wishes. May you experience peace, safety, fun, and hearty meals.

We do not have to celebrate a holiday to remember to be kind, loving, understanding, and open to listening to one another. We do not have to celebrate a holiday to commit to family, friendships, peace, and going along on journeys with those closest to us.

We do not have to celebrate a holiday to push fear to the side and allow our hearts to be brave when learning something/someone new and welcoming someone different into the folds of our lives.

I pray we learn more respect — we attempt to build relationships with others instead of tearing them down, and that we have the sense to discern what is best for us as we make those decisions.

“Everyone who looks good isn’t always good for you.”

A Cornered Gurl sends you well-wishes this Thanksgiving holiday. Be well. Be safe. Be here, again.

If you have done the best you can do and if you have gotten all you could extract from something, you have given all you had to give, then the time has come when you can do no more than say thank you and move on. — Maya Angelou



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