Haiku, 12 Parts

Courtesy of Pinterest

Springtime fun gives us
young ones willing to share their
hard earned bubblegum

All the while, praying
that we really don’t accept
the offer — sweet love

Finds its way into
the corners of our hearts, blessed
beyond measure, bold —

Assuring, we guide
a multitude of thinkers
with just direction

Steady hands lead boys
and girls throughout adventures
ensuring safety

But, an unknown world
to their questioning eyes may
carry them away

We will stand as thick
walls, barricading danger
mountains in the midst

Encouragement lives
in the whispering lips, close
enough to uplift

Downtrodden souls who
bury their heads in banned books
but, beg for wisdom

Bubblegummed mouths pop
and smack — tomorrow brings peace
to the weakened minds

For superheroes
always save the day, Springtime
fun raises the bar

Shifting Earth’s axis
into a spinning devil
too afraid to move.

Written for Ernio Hernandez and the call for Poems4 Positivity.

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