Feel These Feelings

Young Minds of Medium “Blues Call”

Fatima Mohammed
Nov 8, 2019 · 2 min read

i stare at it,

it stares back.

all those feelings,

ignored and unacknowledged.

all those little nothings

piled up

to become this thing

staring back at me

from the mirror.

i raise a hand,

so does it.

i blink an eye,

it does the same.

it looks so much like me.

but with eyes devoid of joy;


i strike up a conversation.

ask why it’s here

looking at me with sad eyes.

it says it’s tired of being ignored.

it wants to be acknowledged.

i stare at it,

it stares back.

then the life-altering realisation hits me

with such an intensity.

this thing with sad eyes,

it’s me.

all the feelings i don’t feel,

i hide in a box in my mind;

pandora’s box.

it’s become so big,

it’s filled up every inch of me.

i’m the one with the sad eyes.

when i feel blue,

i don’t want to hide these feelings

in my attempt to be positive and optimistic.

if i do,

i’ll have those sad eyes forever;


so when i feel blue,

i choose to have those sad eyes.

only for a moment though.

to let go,

i allow myself

to bask in the sadness

to feel these feelings.

Thanks to Tre L. Loadholt

Fatima Mohammed

Written by

A Cornered Gurl

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