go melt back in the night

A Collaborative Effort W/ Zev|8 words micropoetry chain | Music: Rihanna ft. SZA -Consideration

I’ve worn faces,
for you,
like make up
to never age,
I was there
to save
you, from you.
you never lemme be
me. My tears
flow down the window pane
but the pain’s
in the reflected eyes
and to me
you seem flawed
beyond recovery
struggling to see you,
I aim for clarity
that does not come
until it’s too late.
“Let me cover your shit
in glitter,” love
I promise to melt
your heart into mine
this is your home — 
your yellow brick road.

Zev and I first collaborated on June 18, 2017. What I have learned since then is that he still has no fear when it comes to words, not only is this the case — he can thoroughly back it up. I have learned a great deal reading what he has to share and I hope I continue to do so. Medium, get to know our Young Minds on this platform. They will astound you.