Have You Purchased Your Freedom Today?

A Collaborative Effort With Jon E. H. Burton/Musical Selection Chosen by Jon — Joey Bada$$ — Land of the Free

Courtesy of Richard Copley

Those with power
Are easily corrupted
They are so lost
And are never found
Until they are found
On camera
Planting evidence
To justify their
Cold blooded

I never knew those taken away
But my heavy heart weeps
They paid the ultimate price
If only it was easier
To pull the sheepskin
Off the wolves among us
To shine a light on hate
Is to show how small it is
Its loud voice
Booms across the land
But talk is cheap
It’s cheaper than bullets
And we should talk about this

We should talk about this now.

You hate to hear that, don’cha?
Talk IS cheap, but I’ll give you
A penny for your thoughts if
It’ll give us the millions we’re due — 
And with that, those dead and gone
Won’t rise up and walk among 
Us anymore.

They made sure of that.

And, they still do.

It’s easier to silence 
Magic before great things 
Can occur — 
Cheaper to disassemble
Organized protests, start the fight
And blame the victims.
Gushing water from hydrants
Dogs, jowls heavy with spittle
In attack mode…

You’ve graduated now — 
Bullets on bullets built 
To kill and watch the essence
Of descendants drown in their
Own blood and call 
It a mistake/an accident/a moment 
You stood fearful for your

Hear the man.
He wants to talk.
We want to act.
But, we both want the same thing.

We’ll take what we can get.
If you’ll even give us that.

Jon and I first collaborated on November 10, 2016. I love what his mind can do. This piece was his suggestion; the theme. He chose the song for me to listen to, he began the poem. I tried my best to follow. He graduated last May from University and is the author of two books and another one forthcoming. He is an excellent Young Mind of Medium and I am beyond proud of him. Alex/asha, hello, my love. Please, get ready! ❤