A Cornered Gurl
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A Cornered Gurl

Lilac Wine

Photo by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash

Soft and heavy, middle sweet
finer moments within the beat
toes will wriggle heads will bind
I’ll keep sipping on this lilac wine

Brightness sweeps honeyed eyes
unleashed hips tingling thighs
notes are heavy sight is blind
I’ll dance it out with lilac wine

Splendor rises through the vein
tears escape, and smiles remain
freedom wrapped ignite divine
I’ll inspire you with lilac wine

Flowing dress twirling delight
twinkling s t a r s into the night
summer whispers read the signs
I’ll keep sipping this lilac wine

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About the Poet
Wild Flower (Jess Banks) is an Australian based writer. Lover of coffee, chocolate, and rum. Excited by nature, adventures, and poetics. Still discovering who she is and openly writing about her faults and triumphs.
© WF, 2020.




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Wild Flower

Wild Flower

Jess is my real name. Writing from sandy shores in-between the chaos of life. Community worker by day and P o e t e s s all other times. Journey with me.

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