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A Cornered Gurl

Mind of Temporality

Photo by Monty Allen on Unsplash

The future.
It is a continuous wave,
and yet unpredictable in terms
of its movement.

The past.
It is the baby bird who knows
what the busy streets did to its sibling,
thus it avoids the daylight hours
to have a chance.

The present.
It is a tall cypress who cares
not what storms lurk in the distance
and yet, bears the scars of the cutthroat winds.
It knows to sway with the wind for going with
the flow is how it maintains its survival.

I am a being made from someone’s past choices.
I live in the present to take note of possible
realities. I have seen into the future.

Sometimes what we want to understand
Is only revealed if we take a moment to listen and read
Again where we have been, even if one must go
Backwards to know where we are headed.

Inspired by Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” (2020).



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Javon Goard

Javon Goard

I am a poet. I am a games researcher. I am a roller skater.