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Monday Blues

By Yours truly

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I have six brothers and I am the least liked of all. I am sure blessings never came my way during my birth. People say I carry a “darkness” in me — one which sucks happiness away. A "necessary evil" of the family — that's what my brothers nicknamed me.

My brothers and I have this business of helping people grow mentally, physically and spiritually. They say we cannot take a break. We had to keep the "business' running. But the people would rather shut me down than let me perform my work. The services I render don’t rank high on the popularity scale. My presence itself is detested. The people want me to trail off from their line of sight. They want to skirt me. They say that the liveliness in them gets dampened by the sickness I bring into their minds with my presence. It affects me. It overwhelms me to such an extent that I want to remain confined and sink to oblivion.

I have always thought about whether my absence would affect them. Also, I have never understood their mentality. Time brought me on this earth and bestowed me the same existence as my brothers. Then why the prejudices? My work brings me guilt and happiness at the same time. I feel guilty that I have an unlikeable personality and people have to put up with me. Yet I am happy that I am entrusted with the smooth functioning of the business. My absence will bring repercussions.

I want to tell them to give me a chance and reconstruct my persona from a fresh perspective. I am like the latent love in a mother's rebuke, the bitter cure of your previous day hangover and the silence which is golden. I don't live up to your expectations yet I have the ability to fulfill your dreams only if you make timely use of my services. An early and healthy start to a new task always portends a good outcome. And your opinion about our encounter reflects your personality, mirroring your zeal for life. I am just a product of time who elicits such traits from you. Love me or hate me, this is who I am.

So, here I am, entrusted with your productivity, keeping the heavy influence of two of my brothers' personalities at bay.

I am Monday.

And I keep your debauchery in check.





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