Mrs. Middle Lane


Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Somewhere between left and right,
there’s space for her.
Perhaps just a thin line of imbalance,
but that’s fine; she maintains her stand.

She’s neither black nor white.
Not that she’s confused. Wisdom indeed sits in her matter.
She wears neutrality to blend with every colour,
yet her tones never match any other’s.
She’s grey. She’s singular.

She doesn’t have your back, she doesn’t stab it.
She won’t turn you on, she won’t turn you down either.
She understands you, but doesn’t stand with you.
She won’t bring you down, she won’t raise you up.

She runs in between.
Sometimes there is only so much she can care about.
Sometimes she chooses to not choose.
She sees you on one side, your opponent on the other.
She sees where everyone is coming from.
But she would follow no one to where they’re leading.
She doesn’t take sides, she’s faithful to Middle.
She’s Mrs. Middle Lane.

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