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Letter sent on Dec 3, 2017

Musings & Mutterings

Vol. 8

Courtesy of Katrina Muir

Welcome to another letter from Yours Truly here at A Cornered Gurl. Where is this year going? It’s nearly 2018 and I feel as though the year just began yesterday (not really, but yes, really. You get me, I know you do). If you are still here with me, thank you. I am prayerful that you are well and you have what you need, when you need it, and while you need it. What have I read here on Medium that has kept me sane, at peace, hopeful, and amazed? I have no problem sharing those works and their Writers with you. Let us begin, shall we?

Ré Harris is an incredible force here on Medium. Unafraid to say what she feels when she feels it, her work is to be savored, then understood. The pain, angst, and dismay comes alive with each published piece. If you’re not familiar with her, please — make yourself acquainted:

Jessica S does not say much, but when I see her words come through my feed, I make it my priority to read what is shared. She has been reading me for (I am not sure how long. I notice faithful readers, it’s a blessing, really and I do not take it for granted, ever) what seems like forever and she writes in spurts. But, believe-you-me, every post is worth your time and your eyes, your thoughts too:

deep-spread, whose profile tagline simply states, “bleed burn break build” has a depth to their work that I encounter to be profound, honest, raw, and impressive. Another Writer who doesn’t say much, but with every word — there is more than enough power to shun you and cause you to take notice:

Zarina Dara is captivating! She has started sharing her work in audio form and I, for one, am excited! Not only does she have an amazing accent, she pauses with awareness — her words are given a higher caliber with every breath. She has a way of creating the most vivid images while weaving pain into the picture too. Point? She’s flat out awesome at what she does here on Medium:

And what is close to/dear to me here in ACG? My first poem for my newest cousin entitled, “Clean Slate,” a poem for my oldest nephew, “For Jeremiah”, and finally, “Risk Taker.” All of these pieces came to me during this phase of my life where I am trying to rebuild, renew, and reconstruct who/what I am. All of them have guided me in the best ways and I am thankful for each of you who have read them. Please know that it NEVER goes unnoticed. That it is not a small thing — it is BIG, always big and I am far beyond appreciative.

How about a little Heart, eh? These Dreams:

Courtesy of YouTube
Is it cloak ’n’ dagger
Could it be spring or fall
I walk without a cut
Through a stained glass wall
Weaker in my eyesight
The candle in my grip
And words that have no form
Are falling from my lips

As always, thank you for your mind, time, and eyes. Peace and blessings.