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Letter sent on Jan 2

Musings & Mutterings

Vol. 9

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2018! It’s here!
Now, what?!

Hello, lovelies! Happy New Year! It is my prayer that each of you are having a great beginning thus far and if not, that good things are on the way and soon. 2017 dissolved into a river called Life and we can now flush it down the drain, never to be found again. What, who kept me on my toes this past month on Medium? I will share with you the Writers who are shaking up this platform with incredible talent and it is wonderful to witness. With all of the changes taking place, it does my heart good to still see poetry, fiction, (creative) non-fiction, etc. continue to make a wave here — regardless of the attempts as subtle silencing.

The following Writers are creative, share heartbreaking pieces of their lives, and are also unafraid to dive in and give Medium what it needs. Let us begin, please.

Stephen Leatherdale has a clever way of showcasing his characters and can wrap you up in his tales in just moments. He is becoming a favorite of mine to read in The Weekly Knob and is now popping up in other publications too. Please, have a look for yourself:

Kristin Garth does something with sonnets that lures her readers, lassoes them, so-to-speak. Not only does she stick to the rhyme scheme superbly, she adds alliteration and all pieces (that I have read thus far) are in audio form. Yaaasssss! I will never look at sonnets the same again. They’re not my favorite poetic form, but reading hers has made me feel a little more like toward them than dislike.

emma poe popped up in my feed one day and it was like a words-working miracle took place. Another Writer sharing some of their talents via The Weekly Knob as well as The Junction, she writes as if the stories, poems, and everything in between settle within her and burst out at the right time and not a moment before. I love what she is bringing to Medium.

Kevin Saitta, a Writer of mostly poetry in structure and form, I have found myself wondering which form he will share with us with each passing day. I think most of his work is being pulled from previous collections of his and the variety knows no end. Whether you like or dislike poetry, there is something in his profile that will surely hit you where it matters most.

BONUS: Martino Pietropoli has given us digital art and animated shorts full of humor, wit, and daily instances here on Medium for as long as I can remember during the two years I have been here. He does not need to use a ton of bells and whistles — his creations are unique and interesting. Martino, thank you for your art. Please keep sharing.

What would make me happy for you to see in A Cornered Gurl? I have a soft spot for Sometimes Crazy, Body Burdens, and Wilted. This is a new year so that means — please expect new happenings. I will share the first challenge A Cornered Gurl style in the next two weeks. Here’s a hint: it will involve musical instruments.

I am always happy to see each of you and I am grateful for all of us here doing what we do, loving what we do, and sharing what we do.

Who’s up for a little Amy Winehouse? “Back to Black”

Courtesy of Youtube
Me and my head high
And my tears dry
Get on without my guy
You went back to what you knew
So far removed from all that we went through
And I tread a troubled track
My odds are stacked
I go back to black

As always, thank you for your time, mind, and eyes. It is good to walk into a new year with all of you.

Peace and blessings.