My Dependent

Jernee Gave Me Another Scare

At The Vet’s Office Awaiting Test Results/Photo Credit: Tremaine L. Loadholt

We had a weekend away.

Spent some time with the Powerhouse and Nala. 
Of course, Auntie cannot resist (oh, and sometimes, I can’t either) giving Jernee things she cannot have and Nala loves it if her best friend/cousin is in on the treats too — thus, the Little Monster began showing signs of abnormal behavior late Saturday night.

Last night — bloody stools. Bloody, loose stools, at that. I apologize for the gross description. Please be thankful you did not have to attempt to bag that mess up like I did. A cause for concern, I prepped myself for the call to the Vet this morning and called them promptly at 6:00 a.m., left a message, and awaited a return call. Jernee had not eaten since Sunday morning around 9:30 a.m. The entire time I was thinking, “Please don’t let this be another last year. Please.” Crystal, the front-end receptionist at our Vet’s office returned my call. I didn’t even get “Good Morning” out before she said, “Hey, Tre! How’s the little one? What’s she doing now?” I explained Jernee’s behavior at that moment, advising her that she’s still not eating and that of course, there was no poop sample to bring in this morning as she’d managed to relieve herself of most of it last night. We were informed to get there by 9:00 a.m.

We sat down all of two minutes before Nikki, the other front-end receptionist, had us called back to see the Vet Tech. After a rectal exam, one stimulated anus, and poop mishaps all over her human(yes, I wore a poopy shirt for most of the Vet visit courtesy of Jernee who had lost control of her bowels), tests were done to see what the case could be. The Vet mentioned giardia:

Giardia infection is an intestinal infection marked by abdominal cramps, bloating, nausea and bouts of watery diarrhea. Giardia infection is caused by a microscopic parasite that is found worldwide, especially in areas with poor sanitation and unsafe water. Oct 13, 2015 (Brought to you by Google and Friends.)
Jernee’s meds/Photo Credit: Tremaine L. Loadholt

However, after examining Jernee’s sample, the test was negative for giardia. The Vet did it as a precaution just in case Jernee would need some form of dewormer to get rid of the parasite. Instead, the cause is the beginning of our old friend Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis. “I am glad you brought her in when you did. Little ones like these, we have to keep an eye on when digestive issues are present.” I am glad that I took her to be examined as well. The last thing I want her doing any semblance of is suffering. I’d sell my left arm if it meant her health would be thoroughly and actively examined, maintained, and kept up-to-par.

I was given the meds you see above for the Little Monster. She’ll have five days at twice-per-day for two of the meds and five days at once-per-day for the other. Pending a positive response to these meds, she will not need to be hospitalized. “These things Tre, when caught in time, we can treat on an outpatient basis. So, this time around, there may not be a need for her to be hospitalized.” I am hopeful and I am prayerful that I will not have to see the little one go through any of that mess again. What bugs me is that this happens to be coincidental. Anything could have triggered it, including the treats she’s not used to having, but it could have been a plethora of things as well, right down to her “licking a leaf.” What?! Huh?! Here, in this part of the South, and with her breed, this is not uncommon. Way to go North Carolina, thank you for your bacteria-filled dirt and poop infested grass.


$262.69 later, I left our Vet’s office smelling like the finest poop on Earth, carrying a bag of meds and three cans of bland food (Prescription Diet/Digestive Care — chicken and rice blend), and grateful for their care, concern, attentiveness, and kindness to both myself and Jernee. I can honestly say that her older age is giving me gray hairs, however, I will not trade a moment of every experience for anything else. If I am honest, the Little Monster has rewarded me with extra thick skin. I am slowly gaining the mindset that NOTHING can scare me more than the thought of her dying one day, but I move past that and thank God for every single second I am allowed to be her human.

After all, who’s going to shit on me like this in the future?

All the thanks, gratitude, and appreciation for the fine folks at Reynolda Veterinary Hospital. I am not built for their job(s), but I am thankful that they are.