of gods and men

Photo by sergio souza on Unsplash

humans turn their
 belly-up, barbed branches
 tearing apart their
 watch them fight a war now,
 enamored with the indefinite — 
 losing their minds over
 elusive and tormenting
 because they once had a taste
 of such heavenly ambrosia.

watch from the skyline,
 overhead with underhanded
 magic, lancets slice through
 pseudo-divine blood pacts.
 wonder the questions, wander
 for answers —

why do they eat up the inevitable?
 piece apart timelines, time
 zones separate then and now
 isolation is human nature.
 with a flicking wrist
 we could decimate
 anything, anyone
 would cower at the thought.
 but in their ignorance exists
 unfeigned fortitude,
 by their thirst for ungodly
 indeterminate joys.

“To err is human.” Thanks for reading! I ❤ your responses.