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Strutting In The Sun

Vol. 4|The Almost Two Years Edition

04/17/19: Birthday dinner: fried chicken w/ gravy, mashed potatoes, and collard greens courtesy of Homegrown in West Asheville, NC. Photo Credit: Tremaine L. Loadholt

Hello, beautiful people! We are nearing the two-year mark in A Cornered Gurl and I have loved every minute of this journey here, but I love it even more because the pub is open to all and is giving various voices a sounding-board for their work. This is what I envisioned, hoped for, when I thought to open ACG up to all Writers on Medium. We all have voices — we all want to be heard. I am in constant prayer about what to do and how to do things in this publication as I want it to thrive and be a home for many of you who seek a resting place for your babies (i.e. your heart’s work). Currently, we are at 856 followers, that is an additional 118 followers since January 5, 2019 (A Cornered Gurl & You’s release date) and we currently have 93 contributors.

Thank you to each of you following this pub. I am grateful to you and your presence here in this community and we are going to be exceptional at bringing you the pieces you want to read — words you will not be able to do anything but connect with and feel. In this space, we want you to know that your voice, your reads, your views, and claps are what make ACG what it is.

What’s New?

Currently, the Young Minds of Medium first challenge with a focus on Anger is up and running and will end on Monday, April 29, 2019, at 7:00 pm. You can read all of the pieces published by young ones ages 15–25 on Medium — willing to lend their voices to this space in the “Young Minds” tab here in ACG.

I do want to shine a spotlight on three of our newest contributors who happen to be Young Minds of Medium. Their contributions to this publication are what make me happy to be an active part of Medium’s community and keep me reaching out to our younger generation — this is what I love! Encourage their hearts, people:

Silver Lining:


and Marleena Garris:

Off-Medium (on A Cornered Gurl) Featured Writers and Poems:

Away from Medium, I am hosting Writers (with their permission) whose pieces did not get many eyes on them via Medium — their work is shared on A Cornered Gurl, the website, courtesy of its hosting site, WordPress. Medium is not the only space for our voices, we can lend them out and watch our heart’s work soar on so many other levels.

Smita Vyas Kumar (Featured Writer for February):

Tre L. Loadholt & Barry Dawson IV (Featured Poem of the Week — February):

Askia Shantel (Featured Writer for March):

Mitul Bhat (Featured Poem of the Week — March):

Braden Turner (Featured Writer for April):

In the land of make-believe and the unreal, two pieces pulled me in and made me happy to be a Writer in this genre as well, one garnering over 1K claps within its first week of publishing.

Green With Envy by Anto Rin:

and Everything is Fine by Kay Bolden:

Poetry and Non-fictional pieces waiting for your love:

Sara Weaver:

Anthony Cloe Huie:

Lowen Puckey:

Kern Carter

Ngang God’swill N.:


The next A Cornered Gurl challenge open to all will be during the month of May and trust me — it will be a challenge that you will love. This coming Sunday, April 21, 2019, will mark the second year that A Cornered Gurl has been an active publication here on Medium and for this milestone, I have decided to bring back a fictional character that gave this publication its fictional start. Many of you wanted her to have a happy ending, many of you read, cried, connected with, and were filled with anger by her story. I had the pleasure of reviewing a piece by a contributor that will be published in A Cornered Gurl soon that stirred up her voice once more.

Monetary Rewards for Milestones in ACG:

Currently, ACG has gifted four of its contributors a total of $50.00 issued at the tail-end of March and during April for the following milestones:

•Meeting and exceeding 1k claps
•Consistently gaining over 500 claps with each published piece
•Achieving a personal goal within their community outside of and away from Medium

There will be more rewards to come with each passing month.

For those of you building with us and all over Medium, thank you. Without you, this publication would not exist in its current form. I appreciate each and every one of you.

And now, how about a little Cheryl Lynn? Encore:


Thank you for your mind, time, and eyes. We appreciate you being here with us as we break out of the box and share our heart’s work.

Peace and blessings.



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