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A Cornered Gurl

Sustain the Pain

Manic Quirk@manicquirk

Oh how I wish I had the courage it took
to sustain the pain
of walking away from your love
in the darkness and the rain
I wish I had the courage to be
the drama
like in the movies when the single
bag has been packed
the audience prays for a change
of mind
but I would have the courage
it took to be the stronger

But I’m not
So here is my letter of regret
I walked away only after you
I took the coward’s way
having to spill
no emotional blood
I even cried as I watched you
close the door
knowing our love
will never again
be as it was before

And the irony of it all
I can finally see what it was
you found so very lacking in me
I was unable to find the courage
to set you free
Instead my weakened attempt
was no more than
me quietly choosing to flee
Now in the sadness of my mind
I know I am unable
to sustain the pain




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Anthony Cloe Huie

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