A Cornered Gurl
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A Cornered Gurl

Thanks for What?

Photo by simon sun on Unsplash

They could not know
I made sure of that
A secret squirreled away
It wouldn’t do any good to share
Something so terrible
With no right to tell

It was just one night
Still the whole world ended
Dusted off my shoulder
Easy come, easy go
Never mind the horror
There were things I needed to do
And I was slipping already

Eyes on the prize
Eyes on the prize

So I thank you

For your spirits and your smiles
That effortless effervescence
Your work and support
Tending to that fresh invisible wound

For surviving
And thriving

Stay Blessed



We Want the REAL You. A Cornered Gurl is a space for writers to “come as they are” and truly be who they are.

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