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The Greatest Poem I’ll Ever Not Write

Christopher Mooney, gone but NEVER forgotten

Image shared from the Late Christopher Mooney

Forever and time
I have been writing
in pursuit of the Greatest Poem
I have hungered
for the perfection of words
thirst for a drink
of a poetic wine
The kind
that would grace the table
of those having sat
in judgment
of writers most divine

Forever and time
I’ve failed
to hit the mark
that separates
what could have been
from that of
the distance of a breath beyond
that finish line
holding up high
the ribbon
in triumphant celebration
of the sublime

And then
it occurred to me
must all poems
be written
unlike many artistic forms
why must my perfection
be sentenced to the norm

I realized
that I have tasted
the perfection of words
enjoyed its sensual
of my grape de jure
satiated by
its excess
flowing down my cheeks
wallowed in Poetic allure
I finally realized
that my perfect piece
founded in
“Living my life”
The Greatest Poem
I’ll Ever Not Write




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Anthony Cloe Huie

Anthony Cloe Huie

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