The Making of A Government Manifesto — Erasure Piece

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Jul 15 · 2 min read
Photo by Rosemary Ketchum from Pexels

Immigrants are “stealing your jobs” but really it’s machines

A homeless man asks me for change, the world is contactless now

Education is free when it protects and promotes government agenda

Does the voice of oppressors get silenced or do they learn how to whisper and

pass secret notes?

men are taught to hate feminists when we want to help them too. Nothing changes

Obesity is a money-making industry,

that’s why salads ain’t cheap

They’re crippling our NHS to privatisation

This is how it’s meant to be

Trump is to cause divide

And illustrate your rights still don’t matter

People are gunned down for being people

Children are shot then and called victims

It is very easy to look at the world and just see the negative. But when you look again you can find and create hope.

ZUVA is an award-winning Leeds based spoken word artist, poet and freelance writer.She is the editor of An Injustice! A new publication geared towards minority millennial voices of all kinds.

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Poet, millennial and freelance writer. I write on culture, feminism + mental health. My publication An Injustice! Is looking for writers- She/Her

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Where Writers Break Out of the Box.

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