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A Cornered Gurl

— a poem of potpourris

What Is More Beautiful Than A Star?

Even in death, you fail to cease your beauty.

Image Credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble Heritage Team

What is more beautiful than a star
which falls into place,
forming a constellation
delicately intriguing our senses
although being light-years away from our sun?

Watching for billions of years;
witnessing heinous crimes done
to one another

yet they gleam away the pain;
illuminating dimmed pathways
to guide lost ships home?

What is more beautiful than
how they perish?
They’d become way too bright,
not only to the human eye;
gleaming last ticks and breaths.

Until they’d collapse
amongst the nebula;
a supernova
none could contain.

With bits and pieces
marking what once was life
now science for others.

What is more beautiful than a star
living endlessly, even after passing;
serving countless purposes
all in one life?

Animation of a gigantic star exploding in a “core collapse” supernova. Supernovae are one way that galaxies eject metal-enriched gases into the circumgalactic medium. Credits: NASA/JPL_Caltech



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