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A Cornered Gurl

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You Have a Heart

Don’t ever let the fact that a romantic interest of yours doesn’t return the feelings make you feel stupid.

Don’t beat yourself up, telling yourself you shouldn’t have told them; you shouldn’t have assumed they liked you back.

They don’t like you back, yet you still have that gooey feeling in your chest, that openness that has now descended into emptiness.

But you know what that feeling in your chest means?

It means you made yourself vulnerable, and guess what, THIS IS WHY YOU ARE HERE ON THIS PLANET!

We are here to connect, and you can’t connect without taking your heart out of its protective suit and letting it breathe.

You have a heart.

So what if it gets smashed from time to time?

I know it hurts like hell. And for that, you deserve all of the hugs, puppy cuddles, and chocolate. But still, be glad. Because it means you are capable.

You have the wiring.

You have the ability to open your heart to another person, when some can’t or don’t know how to do it. They’re comfortable, but they never really connect.

Far from ever feeling like you made a mistake and should be ashamed:

Tell your shame it is not welcome, and thank yourself for taking this leap and taking a chance on someone. Maybe it wasn’t the right person for you (their loss!), but you learned that you have the ability to let someone in, and eventually it’s gonna click. And when you meet your match, it’s gonna be fucking fireworks.

Thank your heart for the hurt. Eventually, it’s going to be worth it.



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