Indian [social] media, Rumour, Hoax and how we react :

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Hello fellow Indians!
How are you doing? How was your day? (I hope good, I don’t want to be called anti-national)

Let’s talk about ourselves and our motherland India. It is great, right?

After all 36% of scientists at NASA are Indians (36-of-scientists-at-NASA-are-Indians by T.O.I)

actually No.

Yes India is great, but not the NASA thing, ex-Indians/Indian Immigrant scientists at NASA are not even near to 36%. NASA employees of Asian origin sums up to 8.3%.

Here’s a NASA employee’s answer on question “What percentage of NASA employee are Indian?”

Still! UNESCO declared Indian National Anthem best in the world, Really ?

No, never happened, at least UNESCO don’t know.

No worries, We don’t need awards, we are best anyway, India is a shinning Country, specially on Diwali :


No, on Diwali the light increase is so minuscule it won’t even register.

… That image, based on data from the Operational Linescan System flown on US Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) satellites, is a color-composite created in 2003 by NOAA scientist Chris Elvidge to highlight population growth over time
- NASA said.

Hi I’m Arpit, a [realist] Nationalist, I love my motherland India and proud our culture and what we have achieved.

Today (03/12/2015) I received these [whatsapp] messages:

TrueCaller Hacked New by TOI
News from CEO of Whatsapp about Whatsapp is insecure

My friends are great they are so concerned about me

but maybe they are not carefull ?

The news of TrueCaller was from 2013, but people kept on forwarding it without even checking,

Also this Whatsapp news is totally fake, you can just use privacy settings to hide your picture, status, etc. (and no way Whatsapp CEO would say his product is insecure for you.)

Also why would ISIS use your profile picture to abuse you, they are doing worse without faking, the news is clearly fake.

No need to worry Whatsapp users :)

Also, we frequently receive messages that says :

Facebook / Whatsapp is going to charge us soon charge us,
Earthquake predictions on WhatsApp and Facebook,
Like/Share to donate to XYZ,
You can notify the police by entering your PIN number,
NASA announcing 15/10 sometimes 20 days of darkness on earth, etc.

Celebrity news, ex: rumour about Honey Singh being dead.
WHY? Real news about him is stupid enough please don’t create more stupid news, and the fake death of Late Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam when he was travelling in flight was too much, (later he died on July 27, 2015).


Be responsible, be Sensible.

Let’s not make fun of ourselves or our motherland and not contribute such stupid Hoax.

So next time when you forward some stupid text please check, Google, Snopes for news.

Do check they do dig deep about many rumours and tells you truth. (Thanks Sachin)



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a curious life

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