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Like many people, 2020 left me feeling unbalanced. I tend to approach solving most of my problems in a rational way (I love a good chart!). I think leaning too much on that side of my personality is part of what was pushing me out of balance. I began to feel the ways in which my intuition was blunted. Towards the end of the year, I stumbled across tarot readings on YouTube, and they gave me a strong push in the opposite direction.

​I determined it was time to turn inward and engage in an extended period of self-reflection and thought learning the tarot could assist me in that journey. I bought myself some tarot cards and a workbook for Christmas. I’ve decided to document my experience learning the tarot on Medium. Because this is such a deviation from my usual subject matter and it will likely end up being a relatively long series, I decided to start this publication to create a library of the essays.

I’ve also created a Patreon called A Cynic Learns the Tarot, where I’ll debut and provide exclusive content. I chose to monetize to help cover the cost of purchasing more tarot decks. The art on the decks influences readers’ interpretations, and I’m interested in exploring how different imagery will affect the stories I see in the cards.

If you think you’ll enjoy the content, follow the publication and consider becoming a patron!



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Kitanya Harrison

Kitanya Harrison

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