There’s a Prize Inside

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God has put something inside of you that is rare and true and beautiful and eternal.

And he wants it out.

For your sake and for the sake of the world — this is his glory.

But to get it out he’s got to get something out of the way first.

The ancient letters of the New Testament call it the flesh, the old self.

It’s the false self, the mask, the imposter.

The problem is…

this thing doesn’t just move out of the way.

It’s there and it wants to stay there.

It has to be broken.

For some of us this manifests itself as our strength of will, for some of us it’s our minds and understanding, and for some of us it’s our emotional strength.

This is why when you want to follow after Jesus the road will include things that are meant to break your strength of will, your strength of mind, and your emotional strength.

It’s the cave, the desert, the valley of death, the shipwreck, the hunger, and the failure.

This is not so that you just come to nothing.

It’s so that through the cracks will flow the rare, true, beautiful, and eternal thing…

the breath of God — his heart, his spirit, his identity, flowing through your uniqueness and unleashed on the world around you.

There’s a prize inside you…

but it’s got to break through in order to come out.

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