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What’s more important than walking the walk?

Talking the talk is worth a little, walking the walk is of course worth a lot more — but both can be worthless if you’re shown to be a fraud.

‘Fraud’ is a strong word but it fits with the financial theme of the sentence, so…

We all know there is something more important than talking the talk, but did you know there’s something more important than walking the walk?

It’s not talked about because it’s difficult to pin down and it’s hard to make the concept catchy.

The question is…

Do you have the heart?

For example, you might walk the walk, but where is the motivation to walk the walk coming from?

That’s the question to consider because our motivation can lead us to where our heart is.

In fact, we almost have the whole talking and walking thing backward.

Authentic life goes like this:

First comes the heart, then comes learning the walk, and lastly we learn the talk.

Since talking and walking is what people see, we usually feel pressure to focus on these. It’s difficult to see the heart, so we usually ignore that or save it for later.

Don’t do that.

Having the heart → Walking the Walk → Talking the Talk

This is true for everything.

Want to be in customer service? You’ll be pressured to learn the language and learn the hard and soft skills necessary for the job. If you do this, and it’s necessary and good, you’ll do well. But, do you have the heart of service? If you do, it will show through your work. If you don’t, it won’t.

Want to have a relationship with God? You’ll be pressured to learn the language and the appropriate behaviours. If you do this, you’ll fit into a religious community. But do you have a heart that is open, alive, and following after God? If you do, you will have an authentic relationship with God. If you don’t, you won’t.

Don’t just talk the talk, and don’t just walk the walk, but have the heart.

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