Stop to Contemplate Nature

The time you spend is well worth it.

There is one thing that can motivate you to stop and contemplate nature, even if it is for just a few seconds: IT. IS. FREE!

I remember when I lived in a big city that my life became a very busy life. I was born in a small town and this in a way allowed me to be at peace if nothing too exciting was happening. I was able to see and learn, by contrast, how life was in a big city of 24 million people: Mexico City.

You can get so much into a mental world where your attention is completely absorbed by what you have to do next, what problems you have, about how many things don’t work or don’t help in an achieving what you are intending to achieve. Eventually, this becomes a way of life. And if you take the time to consider it, you may not like it.

I’ve always said that taking only 5 minutes of your time every day can be as effective (or even better) than taking a week vacation at the beach where you are worried about all those things that you need to do when you get back. If you have a cell phone with internet access, which most people do these days, you will be very tempted to just take the phone and answer a couple of emails that are “timely”.

One day while in Mexico City as I was walking on the busy street with buildings surrounding me, I had a very good insight as I stopped and looked up to the sky and contemplated that there was a very nice view of nature. The clouds moving, the sun rays hitting them. There was harmony, there was peace. I felt that my life paused for a moment that felt like a day, yet it only took me a few seconds.

In this insight, I realized that when you live a busy life, you may be living almost like in a tunnel or several tunnels, where you don’t see anything but the connections between one task to do to the other, one concern to the other, one problem to the other. This tunnel(s) can have the ability to deprive you of looking up for a better view. And although you may be planning a long vacation where you will set some quality time for yourself that you think you well deserve, you may be just bringing your too well traveled tunnel(s) with you.

I recommend you take the best vacation:

Stop and contemplate nature for a few seconds or a few minutes!

You will discover that the time you take is very much worth it because eventually you will be out of any tunnel and you will be experiencing again: LIFE!