Educated Households in Urban India

Education plays an important role in the growth of a country and most importantly for a family. If members of a family are educated, one can be somewhat assured that the family as a whole can to take care of itself in the society. This visualisation shows the number of literate members in the household (aged 7 years and above) for different states. The dataset is part of 2011 census in India.

How to read it?

The below key specifies what each color means. Also, only states which have number of households 20k and above are shown here.

Key for the visualization

The leftmost color indicates households which have no literate members and it keeps increasing as you move right. The size of bar itself is indicative of the number of households in that state or UT.


For almost all the states, we see the share of literates below four for a household occupying only a small share.
We see most households having more than 3 literates in household
For states which have a very less urban population like Assam, Oddisha, Jharkhand the share of NO literates in household is considerably less with the exception of Uttarakhand.
States with less urban population
There is only one state; Kerala (with a minimum urban household population of 20k) which has almost nonexistent share of households with no or less than 2 literates.