Why to join eero as a Product Manager? It´s a $ __ Billion opportunity

First, some data to support your decision

To give you an extract of the opportunity, I will put here 3 key statistics:

WiFi market to grow from $12.89 Billion to $26.19 Billion by 2019

Source: CommsNetworks

Second: Forget about the money for one moment, and analyze the bigger picture about eero’s team

Don’t make wrong. Money is critical for the expansion of a networking company, and eero’s pockets are full of cash right now. The total funding of the company is $90 Million to the date in 3 rounds, so they don’t have immediate money problem.

Product Management at eero could be an exciting journey

If you join as a PM at eero (1, 2), you will have the opportunity to have a big impact in the core products of the company, and in the strategy for its future global expansion.


  • You will have the opportunity to work with Paul Nangeroni (Head of Products), the man who was in the Program Management team at Apple for the iPod, the iPhone 5C and the first generation of the iWatch
  • You could create the foundation of eero’s Cloud Infrastructure as a Technical PM
  • You will have the chance to make an unique research about the current state of Wi-Fi connectivity in U.S restaurants, and create a future strategy to tackle this problem with eero’s products

A Data Driven Guy

Storytelling Through Facts and Numbers

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A Data Driven Guy

Storytelling Through Facts and Numbers