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Growing Up In The Marshlands

(TW — Childhood SA)

Ravyne Hawke
A Delicious Torment
Jun 2, 2024


Image by Ravyne Hawke using NightCafe

Forging forward from fragile minds
of missed moments meticulously slaughtered
and slain silence that echoes endlessly -
There is no righteous redemption here
nor reassurance — only wailing, whispered
wishes of forbidden forgiveness -
sorrowed souls forsaken and forsworn by all

Marshlands of memories mingle amongst
barefoot and bare-breasted babes
too young and yearning for love -
Their innocence was ripped away
right before the ripening — stolen childhoods
and shame still lingers, everlasting
stains upon their bloody, broken brows

The used and abused — spiraling, spinning
sinking into the dank darkness of despair -
are left to languish listlessly there
for few can free themselves from the marshes
or the sickly scent of rot and decay -
Oh no, for every footstep forward
only traps the timid and torn forevermore

©2024 Lori Carlson. All rights reserved.



Ravyne Hawke
A Delicious Torment

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