Nightly Vigil

A poem

Ravyne Hawke
A Delicious Torment
Jan 27, 2024


Photo by ROCCO STOPPOLONI on Unsplash

At night, I sit on the edge of my bed
hands tucked under each thigh
rocking, rocking
begging for sweet release —
Some nights, I gasp for air
On other nights, I scream in pain
as nerves jump in my feet
like the intermittent pulse of a TENS
zapping, zapping
without sweet release —
Hour-upon-hour escapes:
I am sand drifting through an hourglass
until I succumb to exhaustion
and turn over as fitful sleep begins
and daylight…



Ravyne Hawke
A Delicious Torment

Writing Coach, Poet, Fiction Writer, Essayist, Artist, Dreamer | “Enlightenment is when a wave realizes it is the Ocean” ~Thich Nhat Hanh