An Old White Woman Goes Looking for Redemption.

Farming, on the left coast.

I’ve begun sprouting seeds. This is already a new growing season. My goddess. Here it is near the end of February and so much winter stuff still needs doing. I’m in the middle of pruning my orchard.

We bought an orchard ladder. We once had one, back at the old homestead in Juliette, Georgia. On those two days of moving chaos, there at the very end when it was time to load the ladder, what did I discover? A huge hornet nest at the very top of it. As large as three of my heads. Hahahaha.

We left it behind.

We bought a new one. Twelve feet. Confessional — I never used the old one, it belonged to my husband who once had an organic lawn care business. Using the new ladder, I gave several of my ladies a hair cut before I grew afraid of this humonguous ladder. Trying to move it, I got in the middle of it, lost control of the damned thing and it liked to took off my head. I put it up. I await for someone to be around to help me move it around. There is my husband, let’s call him CC, who just had prostate surgery. He can’t lift over fifteen pounds for a month. There is my son, Slim, who works odd and varying hours as a security guard and may soon also be working as a fireman. He sleeps odd hours, is gone and back and gone again.

A couple of other players in the stories I tell are The Rain and Mother Earth. We’ve had an Atmospheric River this fall and winter, merging itself with the Streams and Rivers and becoming one with them. The drought is ending, the Earth moves, the Water rushes. On the land on which I live and have adopted the role of guardian, the Mother is devouring NorthWest border of The Land. A gulch has grown thirty feet since the Rivers and Streams have been recharging, regrouping and taking over the world.

I love that the Earth herself has taken to this battle we are having between our society and environment. Just a few hours south, Mother Earth plans on taking out the highest dam in the states. She is pretty furious how we have treated her Rivers and Creeks and Fish.

I am working on an event to take place in the fall, a women’s retreat which will focus on Power. We are looking at the Goddess Kali. Oh my, I focused on her until I was on my knees, until I was about ready to throw myself into the churning vortex I call Crack in the Earth in the NorthWest of The Land. Then I called on Quan Yin for compassion and relief. And Isolt to help with my family matters. My point being, Mother Earth is no one to fuck with, She is mighty and her Goddess Kali will overthrow you in her fury and righteousness.

Wife, mother, grandmother, owned by a couple of dogs, at sixty I have joined partnership with The Land and I garden (organically on land that has been farmed this way for forty years). There are strawberries and apples, pears and blueberries. There is a cherry tree and a hazelnut. There is a greenhouse whose insides once were glorious but now a puzzle to us, the new “owners.” A woodshed, rotting next to the raging wet weather creek. A garage. A REDWOOD TREE. Other trees I cannot get my arms around.

The job is to make this sustainable. The job is to not mangle the environment, but to work with her in love, harmony and balance. To be of one mind with The Land, the Soil, the Weather, the Seasons and Cycles. The purpose to do as least amount of harm as possible and perhaps live our way into a new world, into these new times, creating a small haven of peace which can radiate outward (once it is established). The job is to live in love with those I love.

Living here is a big job, a huge job. We started by draining the swamp. With all the rain, the garage nearly flooded, the house looked like it could wash away. We spend weeks, shin deep in running water, unblocking the paths in which it needed to flow. I contemplated draining the swamp and at some point realized how necessary swamps are for rejuvenating the land, holding the Water until the Waterways can hold the Water. Yes, we need for the Waters to flow freely, but we also need natural areas to hold Water. After all, where it is flowing, The Land is eroding, sinking, with huge trees downed in its depths. Why does modern society always pit Nature as the enemy?. Drain the swamp indeed. Yet we continue draining our swamps, filling them with golf courses, luxury hotels, garbage. Swamps are valuable to our Mother the Earth.

There is wisdom in nature, wisdom we would do well to listen to. I am learning to listen.