Beautiful Human Down

You might have seen it on the news, two Muslim girls being harassed on the Portland, Oregon, MAX train, two people try to intervene, they both are ‘viciously attacked’ and killed by the racist harasser…..

You might also remember a post I did last November, about my son attending a party where suddenly a young man is murdered….

Today I learn that one of the brave men murdered trying to protect the Muslim girls on the train, strangers to him, was a son of a friend of mine. HIs name was Taliesin. He grew up here in my town, went to high school with my sons before graduating from Reed College last year in Portland.

Long ago, his mother and I used to take our little kids to the pool together on rare occasions, we met up at gatherings, I named one of my sons for one of her (other) sons since I liked his name and the then-boy so much.

We still are the kind of friends who love to see each other around town, we hug, check in about our kids, say we ought to get together soon, then usually move on to our own busy lives until the next chance meeting around town.

She and I last saw each other this winter, about a month after the murder I wrote about last Fall — we hugged a long time over that senseless killing — the one that had happened at that party, the one my son attended, the one that had actually occurred at her home while she was away. She was of course, distraught.

Now it is her own son gone.

He really was, as his last actions show the world, a beautiful human.

RIP Taliesin.

You will be greatly missed.

Beth Nakamura from The Oregonian posted this photo on twitter…. it perfectly encapsulates just who Asha, Taliesin’s mom, is.

A link to article about the murder itself: