December Third Photo a Day

Drunk Bees

I’m not sure what happened this year with the sunflowers, but they either grew to twelve feet tall and higher in one section — or only three feet tall in another. All mammoth sunflowers but self-seeded from previous years so maybe the seeds don’t run true generation to generation. Happens.

The sunflowers were planted in the front yard garden ages ago when my husband couldn’t eat anymore store-bought sunflower seeds due to peanuts in the processing plant.

So far, years later, only the birds have harvested the bounty. The cats drool at the windows.

Husband eats pistachios these days.

I garden organically. Bugs and bees are all over the garden — often on my summer dawn patrols, I’d find drunk bees passed out in the flowers, coated in pollen, while the more temperate bees buzzed around and made little fly-bys over the drunk ones until they sluggishly got going.

Standing in the first light, sipping tea, watching bees wake up, I’d feel profoundly connected to the universe….

then I’d come inside to my youngest son getting ready for work: “Hi Mom, spacing out in the garden again?”

(the other choice — couldn’t decide)

Both photos taken at first sunlight as it crested the hills, dew still visible on this shot above…

even though it looks like mid-day in these shots!


(a shout out to @alto for the ‘photo a day’ thought ~ )

~ another will be posted tomorrow and each day in December ~

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