If It Had Been Hypothermia Your Body Would Have Floated

I will always half expect to encounter you washed ashore somewhere

with every hug and handshake
 and every i’m sorry for your loss
 i wait to fall apart
 to fall asleep
 to dream of your drowning
 to wake up sharp and shivering
 like the shards of bitter cold
 that impaled the final seconds
 before your eyes fell closed
 i want to believe that you closed your eyes
 every time i close mine here
 and breathe this chill air
 i wait to feel the pressure in my chest
 i will always half expect
 to encounter you washed ashore somewhere
 bloated and blue and no longer lost
 but still there are no tears
 no swell
 no rush
 no water
 and no more salt for these wounds

Creative writing and photography at TanyaSimoneSimpson.com

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