Password Requirements:

Must contain at least 8 characters (nobody closely related).

Must be a combination of upper and lower cuts to the jaw.

Must contain… hey…that guy over there looks suspicious…maybe you should do this later.

Must contain at least one Spongebob or Harambe reference.

Must contain at least 1 alpha-numagical (🔮 — 💥).

Must contain at least 1 dank meme.

Can contain letters (a — z), numbers (0–9), fruit(🍌 — 🍍), farm animals (🐥 — 🐷), and tribal masks (👹 — 👺).

Cannot contain relationships (💑 — 👨🐮), reptiles (🐍 — 😘), and liquids, unless under 3 oz.

Avoid sequences like 123456, abcdef, and 👦👩👫💑🔪💀.

Avoid re-using passwords, like L0veWizard69$, because let’s face it, you’re really fooling yourself with that one.

And lastly, avoid all passwords that you can easily remember.

If you forget your password, please enter your security question.

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