tree of men’s shelter

the king, now shown up by the prophet of God, being not a man unto himself, went and relayed to Jezebel the wife all that had been done.

When the queen had learnt all that the prophet did, how he showed down her prophets who had protected and promoted her gods, you can not imagine her ire, for it transformed her person.

uncovering how he’d slain her people’s idolatry factory by sword, she swore it would go the same with him.

a message was sent to the battler for Jehovah, “if by this shadow of sunlight on yonder day you also do not lay with a sword asplit your body, may the powerful ghost of the air do likewise to me their queen.”

and howbeit that Elijah who had conquered a town of dark magicians became terrified at her word — for he was yet a mortal.

and thus the prophet of Jehovah ran to save his naked life.

reaching a certain tree of importance, he left his winded attendant there, and ran alone into a sacred place in the desert.

A day in, he halted before the Lord. And under the Bloom tree, he prayed this prayer:

Take me Life, oh Power of Heaven. Slay me now and return me to nothing. For I am no greater than the men who came before me. And after making his protest and his plea, he lay himself down in the shadow of that tree and did sleep.

Without long rest a large and prestigious messenger from Heaven did bow itself down and touched the agitated and weary man.

“Get up and sup” it said. He shook off his momentary cobwebs and looked beside his head and found there a cake baking over hot coals, unprepared by his own hand.

Beside it, a thankfulness of its own, a jar of clean water.

He refreshed himself and then lied himself down once more.

But the angel was not done with him.

“Get back up”, it said, after he had napped a small while. “Get up for the next leg of your walk is long.

So the prophet got up again, took his food and drink and used them for what they were given.

Strengthened by those gifts, he traveled the famous number, another 40 days, and after forty nights he reached the place called Horeb.

It was the mountain where God was pleased to come.

There he went into that cave and spent the night.

— -to wait for what would come . . . . .

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