Two Mothers Contemplate Childlessness

In a first-of-its-kind interview women who engaged in fertility treatments explore society’s unhealthy baby bump obsession

Cristy and Mo, hosts of the ‘Bitter Infertiles’ podcast confront the fear of not succeeding with pregnancy and acknowledge the hazards of ‘infertility drifting’ with the author of the book and…




Personal essay, memoir, photography, poetry, humor — what’s going on in your community? What’s the world like where you are? I don’t request stories — or edit them! — but am happy to consider your piece. @JustThinkingNow or

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Pamela M Tsigdinos

Pamela M Tsigdinos

Writer & author (Silent Sorority), IVF Survivor, social observer, research hound. Words in The New York Times, WIRED, STAT, Fortune

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