Arguing Against The Claim Regarding Snapchat Culture






The author states that our technological era has changed the social implications behind communication and created a new culture. It was argued that Snapchat exemplifies emotional and casual conversation, while painting a picture of our true identities.


“Text barely captures even a fraction of that emotional depth and texture, even when we can type as much as we want.”

“In a strange turn of events, texting has evolved to become almost as awkward as the phone calls it made obsolete.”


There’s no debate regarding the fact that our conversations have been changed drastically by a new technology-based culture. I agreed with the author in this sense. However, I disagree that Snapchat is the appropriate choice of social media for this subject matter. Snapchat conversations have very little emotional depth in most cases. As any millennial will tell you, Snapchat conversations are typically short and involve more selfies than actual dialogue. I personally have had friends suggest that we text rather than Snapchat when we’ve been involved in more serious conversations. Snapchat culture is fun and fleeting. It’s meant to be a quick method to showcase a small clip of your life to your friends. It’s not a place for emotional pieces. To suggest that the integration of pictures in its chat interface adds more emotional depth that, “Text barely captures” is highly unjustified. It’s not like millennials are sending pieces of artwork to each other and captioning their snapchats with philosophical interpretations. They are sending selfies! Also, to suggest that text cannot capture emotion disregards any novelist who has written a piece with emotional depth. Words are one of the best methods of conveying emotion. The author didn’t seem to put much critical thought into this piece and their lack of knowledge regarding snapchat was apparent.

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