Beginning of Memes


  • History
  • Jokes
  • DNA


The word meme came from a biologist name Richard Dawkins at 1976 and now the word meme became well known as internet jokes. Everything start at 2008 where all memes became a joke and spread from Something Awful or 4chan. The meme later evolves into videos which was started from Rocketboom.


The word “meme” was invented by evolutionary biologist and future atheist heartthrob Richard Dawkins in 1976.[Conti]

thanks to the internet, a “meme” is a joke that shifts and evolves at a frightening rate as it speeds from Something Awful or 4Chan to the wider world of social media. [Conti]


This article is very shocking to me, the first time I ever heard of the word memes were somewhere on 2014 and also the first time to see it too. Most of the memes I see were pictures photo shopped but it actually began at as a video at 2008. The word meme actually exist but the word means something else then jokes, it was originally a cultural strand of DNA. Meme was an old word but the fantastic thing about the internet is that it use the old words in history then use them in modern time for example the word edgy means to be tense but the internet use edgy as in something dark. But that not else some memes use images and some words change to a funny way like have to huv. The article also show the evolution of memes and some people who still use old way, Photoshop. Now in 2017 I see viral videos or compilation of memes and now most memes are came of something funny they saw and reuse it into something even more funny. But the shocking thing was the word 4chan and if you know what is 4chan it is something and for those who don’t I will say these 4chan is a forum filled with deep, dark, and bad talks. Three people started to make the memes at 2008 and now there is like lots and lots of meme and recently I just discover that the website know your memes exist you can look up memes that you do not understand very useful.


If meme was created for a strand of DNA in 1976 so what happen to the original?

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