Dressing up Tinderella


Authenticity, Dating, Relationships


Duguay analyses how dating apps like Tinder can associate and determine if people are a good match and questions if authenticity is a huge factor in the operation of the app.


“Therefore, authenticity is constructed through one’s ability to consistently reference a coherent, routinized narrative of the self.”

“These groups, which tend to be homogenous collectives of white, high SES, heterosexual students adhering to traditional gender presentations (DeSantis,2007), were the app’s pioneering user base.”


Dating apps have always been strange to me. I still don’t understand them, even after reading what Duguay had to say about them. For me, the issue about dating apps is less about authenticity, but more about how intimate human relationships work. It seems kind of weird to rely almost fully on an algorithm to connect you with people with the intentions of a dating relationship. It’s one thing for an algorithm to suggest friends and things that might interest you, but an intimate relationship is much deeper than a friend relationship. I believe that many use Tinder just to hook up and find people in their area that can show them a good time quickly and easily. Of course, an app like Grindr that is used by the majority to find sex makes more sense to me because you don’t necessarily have to know or even care about a person to have sex. So, an algorithm can suggest suitable people on Grindr. I just can fathom how people can seriously rely on an equation to play matchmaker and connect them with people for the purpose of having a long-lasting relationship. It’s just not feasible. The fact that this app is obviously and completely catering to white heterosexual males is the worst part about this app. How can one even question a person’s authenticity on an app like Tinder? Every user on that app should know that most the guys and girls on that app have an 80% chance of being a douche (for lack of a better word). These types of apps are just so ridiculous to me that it’s just hard for me to get past all the other problems that these apps present to get to worrying about the user’s authenticity.


The risks are definitely greater than the almost impossible reward of a long lasting relationship, so what’s the appeal of an app like this?