Proposal —Attracted to a Post: New Post Means Something New?

Social media platform

I have been using Facebook since elementary school all the way today but these days I have been busy mostly don’t have time spent all day on Facebook only short hours. I don’t use only social media since I’m not the type to have multiple social accounts on other platforms but I do have some friends in Stream that I chat with(They don’t like social media).

Research question

Facebook is the place where you communicated with your friends you always stay truthful about yourself so responds will come and stay to chat no matter what you post. How does posts such as quotes or pictures get more chat then your regular chat box?


  • Impression management
  • Identity
  • Credibility + Reputation


Each time I liked an article, or clicked on a link, or hid another, the algorithms that curate my streams took notice and showed me only what they thought I wanted to see. [Wortham]

more than 40 percent of our country’s population consumes news on Facebook, finding alternative perspectives shouldn’t have been that hard. [Wortham]

“The internet has enabled all of us to access and share more ideas and information than ever before,” [Wortham]


During the time in Facebook people would post many stuff or even share other stuffs then Facebook change making people clicking others. They can now filter stuff for what people want to see and sometime give upcoming news like the election day. Some of the stuff maybe something to dislike and don’t want to see it again so hide it or don’t show again but something else take its place. The filter never stops but eventually people will see something that catches there eyes and they will be glue to it, eventually became part of the community in the comments.


Have you dislike posts on your page? Do you ignore it or do you make it never appear again? Did a posts ever catches your attention and you click?

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