Proposal — Social Media Out-numbers Me: How I Represent Myself on 4 Platforms When There’s Only 1 Me

Social Media Platforms

The social media platform that I will use as my place(s) of performance would be Instagram, and Snapchat. I would like to focus on those two but given my research question, it may be beneficial to have an array of social media so I could also use my Facebook and reference my past experiences on Tumblr (I no longer have a Tumblr but had one for many years).

Research Question

People use certain social media for different reasons. For example: I use my Instagram for more “artsy” pictures while I use Snapchat for more “comical” posts. How do social media platform’s themselves and their audiences, affect what kind of content people post on them?


the presentation of self
cultural filters
impression management


“People are expected to embody valued attributes when in front of people, or “on stage,” and they experience powerful social pressures to do so that impact their self-consciousness and affect how they interact with others (Shulman, 5)”
“People emerge from the conformity lessons of their childhoods ready to perform in accord to many basic factory specs in use within their cultures. (Shulman,10)”
People produce impressions as concerted and social actions, and organizations encourage people to take on certain roles. (Shulman,19)”


So far in this class, one thing that I found interesting was the concept of “self”. This got me thinking about social media platforms themselves. With so many platforms available to essentially everyone, each platform has garnered their own reputation or use for that platform. Facebook is a platform more for keeping in touch with family and friends, Snapchat is more for documenting a night out or for funny posts added with the 24 hour limit, I tend to think of Instagram as a “subtle brag” or for “artsy” pictures. And lastly, Tumblr is more a picture blog where anything goes.
The things that I post on Snapchat are things that I wouldn’t necessarily post on my Facebook. I tend to post really anything on my Snapchat things like vacation pictures, funny stuff I find on the Internet, selfies or my nights out, just to name a few. I don’t really post much on Facebook because it’s platform that I don’t care that much about, even though I still have an account. The people who are my “friends” are people I haven’t talked to since high school and even then we weren’t really friends. Also I primarily use Facebook to keep in touch with extended family. I have family that live in in Asia, Thailand to be specific, so Facebook just makes it easier to communicate given the distance and the time differences.


Is it possible to create or keep a social media platform that encapsulates everything for everyone?
For example: Snapchat’s platform is partly successful for it’s creation of “My Story” and Instagram later took notice, creating their own version “Instagram Stories” which would also disappear after 24 hours.