Manifesto — BICo North Liverpool Cohort

A movement needs a manifesto, right? During the 12 week LaunchPad programme in 2016 the cohort in North Liverpool came together to set out their intentions for the sustainable grassroots business movement they were creating.

These are the guiding principles of their movement.

  1. We are proud passionate and tenacious.
  2. We will make money, and use the profit for good.
  3. We are subversive, unique and distinctive.
  4. We are self sufficient and our ideas are sustainable
  5. We are good value for money.
  6. We will create magical new things that are better than their predecessors.
  7. We will make and fix things. This includes our own destiny.
  8. We don’t underestimate the importance of small changes.
  9. We will create a destination and bring it to life.
  10. We are pioneers of the new acceptable.
  11. We’ll dance in high vis vests if we want to.
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