#14 So long Broadacre House; hello Good Space

Here are a few things I thought were worth sharing this time…

1. #IloveBH — so long Broadacre House; hello Good Space

After three years and three months, this week we’re saying cheerio to Broadacre House. As chair of Northern Creative Solutions, I’m extremely proud of everyone who has made Broadacre House what it is — a warm heart in the middle of Newcastle. Our summary impact report gives an overview of some of what we’ve done. It feels like a sad and strange week with a lot of folk bustling about with boxes and giving warm hugs and saying bye. It’s not quite over for some organisations including Age UK Newcastle and Recovery College as they’ve negotiated with the building owners to stay for a few more months.

For 14 of us old Broadacrers, we’re moving around the corner to Good Space in Commercial Union House. Good Space is a new project from Northern Creative Solutions for charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations plus meeting and event spaces to book, coworking desks to sit at and events to enjoy. The meeting and event spaces will open from 8 November so if you’d like to book a room email the NCS hosts.

2. What’s in my diary

I’m going to/helping out at/hosting a few things in November that you might be interested in too. And between them you’ll get a chance to be challenged, to learn and to dream big. You need to register for all of them.

I might see you there!

Unfortunately I can’t fit in Little Heresies: Banks shouldn’t create money, governments should on 9 November but you might be able to.

3. And finally…

…Alain de Botton talks through how to find your mission in life…”a mission isn’t a mission because it’s grand but because it’s precise”.

Finding your mission | The School of Life

Cheerio for now!


November 2017

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